Deer Processing

As of 2015, we will no longer accept full animal carcasses. All meat must be de-boned before bringing into our facility. We will accept all various meats/species including venison, elk, bear, goose, duck, moose, etc. We understand as a hunter you take pride in your deer, and we take pride in our ability to provide you top quality service unmatched by anyone in the meat industry. We strive for customer satisfaction and guarantee that's what you will get!

TOLL FREE: 1.877.893.BUCK 
Packaging - Now in smaller packages for your convenience!

  • All products will be cryovac packed.
  • All meat excluding jerky and smoked ham, will be a blend of 50 percent our pork trim and 50 percent your wild game meat. 

Special Packaging

  • Products may be broken down into smaller packs for an additional $1.00 charge per package.


Specialty Products

  • View our price list below for our specialty products. You can mix and match various products depending on weight of your game meat you are providing. 

Buck Sticks


1-1/2 pound cryovac packed

  • Mild =$12 per stick
  • Hot = $12 per stick 
  • Cheddar Cheese = $13 per stick
  • Jalapeno Cheese = $13 per stick


1 pound cryovac packages 
Minimum weight on jerky is 2 lbs. of venison meat
to make 1 lb. of jerky due to shrinkage.
  • Regular = $16
  • Hot = $16
  • Cherry = $16
  • Honey BBQ= $16
  • Teriyaki = $16

Snack Sticks

1-1/2 pound cryovac packed 

  • Mild = $15
  • Hot = $15
  • Cheddar Cheese = $16.00
  • Jalapeno Cheese = $16.00

Venison Ham

Smoked to perfection!
You're going to love the taste! We pump with our own family recipe ham brine that we use on our own hams. Smoked to perfection to have your smoked hind quarter or shoulder tasting just like a ham!

  • 1 Smoked Venison Ham = $35