Cooler & Refrigerated Options



-Full line of refrigerated products available.

-Products include Jerky, Sausage, Ham, Snack sticks and many more!

-Jerky has 79 number of options of Beef and Turkey which include popular flavors of Honey Glazed, Teriyaki, Colorado, Sweet-n-Hot, Peppercorn and many many more!  Wild game and Exotic options are also available.

-Specialty Sausage line includes summer sausage, Polish, Brats, Ring Bologna and many more.

-Our high-quality hams are made from the same family recipe since the early 80s.

-Wild game options include Summer sausage, Jerky and Snack sticks.  Protein options include Venison, Elk and Buffalo.

-Exotic options include Jerky and Snack sticks.  The protein options are Alligator, Kangaroo, Ostrich and Salmon.

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